Engineered Marble Composite

~A Look that makes a Difference ~ 


Classic Marble fabricates an engineered marble composite product creating beauty  and versatility resulting in one of the most durable products on the market for our  customers.  Our manufacturing process is fine tuned to achieve the best result for  the various needs of our customers.  Our products are used in, but not limited to:  kitchen and bar counter tops, laundry tubs & counters, whirlpool decks, bathroom  vanities, shower systems, shower bases, bathtub surrounds and refurbished  furniture.  


Our marble composite is a  combination of crushed marble, limestone, and a resin mixture.  Because of our hands on craftsmanship, we have the ability to custom fit unique pieces. Our process gives  us the ability to provide an unmatched durable product with beauty and versatility  in both the bathrooms and kitchens!

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 Just as natural Granite is made of grains from fine to course in appearance, our  product is as well. Unlike natural stone countertops that are cut from pure granite,  marble or sandstone, our engineered marble composite products are made with a EMC material containing semi precious stones held together with a resin  binder. They have a similar appearance to natural stone, but they possess benefits  not available with natural materials.  

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EMC is a spray or cast solid surface material free of hazardous pigments and  additives. PolyStone uses the finest raw materials.  The granules are a polyester  compound, incorporating pure alumina trihydrate into the particle.  EMC is  UV resistant, fire resistant, chemical and stain resistant. EMC surfacing can  dramatically enhance almost any surface with spectacular colors and textures often  achieving a quartz or granite like look with a porcelain or “stone-like” feel.