Frequently Asked Questions


With the personal touch and experience of our skilled craftsmen, each order is hand measured and fabricated to suit your project need.

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 is our showroom open to the public?  

Yes!  Classic Marble & Fiberglass, Inc. is open 8am - 4pm Monday - Friday.  We will be  happy to answer your questions and assist you.  Our desire is to give you the best possible  service.  Calling ahead for an appointment is best.  

Will you tear out my old tub, shower, kitchen COUNTER-TOP, etc.?

Yes, we are more than happy to perform this service for an additional charge.

Why Use an Engineered Marble Composite products instead of Tile for Showers?  

Engineered Marble Composite (EMC) is manufactured in a non porous, solid piece.  There are no grout lines to clean or keep sealed.  The seams are sealed with a 100% silicone  caulk.  Also, building structures will shift with the change of temperatures; this may cause grout  lines to crack and crumble.  A marble composite product will alleviate this problem.    

Why Use Engineered Marble Composite instead of Acrylic Inserts for Showers?

 n EMC shower system is manufactured in solid parts and strong.  Over time they do  not have a tendency to crack or leak as an acrylic insert does.  The wall panels come separate  from the base and are thus easier to maneuver than a bulky one piece shower insert.  Our  shower systems can be custom made to fit nearly anywhere.  

Will I have a seam in my countertop?  

We do the best we can to manufacture your countertop in one piece.  Certain  circumstances such as: door entrance size, product size, & how we had to fabricate your piece  will determine if there needs to be a seam.

Does my EMC product require a sealant?

There is no sealing needed for your product.  Each piece fabricated is non-porous.  

What type of sink can be used?  

Classic Marble’s standard sink is their fabricated molded non-recessed sinks; we have  various styles to select from.  You can also purchase your sink to be used as a set in or an  undermount.


What are products to use for cleaning my ECM product?  

Safe cleaning products customers have used are: 409 Marble & Granite cleaner in a  spray bottle, Murphy’s Oil soap, Magic Eraser, SC Johnson Scrubbing Bubbles, Gel Gloss, and  any antibacterial spray cleaner.  Do not use a cleaner with small particles or any other abrasive  type of cleaner.

Can we install the product ourselves?

Yes.  Our customers have the option to order and install our product themselves or  have our installation team do the work for you.

Will my EMC have a smooth surface?

Yes.  At times, due to the large flake in our color application, there can be tiny pits  that go virtually unnoticed to most people.

What tips can you give to help care for my EMC product?

The beauty of composite marble is the ease of cleaning and maintaining its look.  Avoid dragging items with sharp edges along your countertop.  You can place felt pads on the  bottom of holders and trays which might have a stone, a metal, or a rough edge.  n our shower  systems, you can use a squeegee to clean the walls and glass along with your cleaner.  

What is Thermal Shock?

Thermal shock happened years ago with old cultured marble products.  When  someone would switch water back and forth in extreme heat and cold sequences, tiny hairline  cracks around the drain have developed and became progressively worse over time.  Today,  with the advancement of technologies, thermal shock has virtually been eliminated through the  efforts of testing labs to have a maximum resistance to thermal shock.  

What about the faucet holes?

We drill the holes to your specifications.  Options: one hole, 4” on center, or 8” on center (wide spread).  Kitchens can vary from 1-4 holes depending on your selection of sink hardware.  This information is needed when your order is placed.